The Hydraulic Division deals with the solution of engineering problems related to water, the development and use of water resources. In this context; basic knowledge of water mechanics, circulation and development of water resources at various stages of projects such as planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance; It is offered within the scope of various undergraduate and graduate courses offered in the hydraulics department. Currently, there are 5 professors, 4 associate professors, 2 assistant professors, 2 lecturers, 1 specialist and 1 research assistant in the faculty of the Hydraulics Division.

The fields of study include water structures and coastal-marine structures, planning and management of surface water resources, infrastructure systems, flood and drought, hydroelectric energy, climate change and research on its effects, and solids transport. In the Hydraulic Division, there are three sub-fields: Hydromechanics, Water Resources Engineering and Coastal and Port Engineering. Department staff also take part in various research and projects within the Water Resources Management and Control of Water Sourced Natural Disasters Research and Application Center (SUMER), which operates under the DEU Rectorate.

In addition to physical and mathematical modeling studies in the hydraulics department, many research projects are carried out for national institutions such as BAP, DPT, TÜBİTAK, DSİ, IZSU and international support programs such as NATO, EU Framework Programs, by using various advanced CAD, mapping and GIS systems and software. made and is being done. The Hydraulics Division, with its developing program and staff, has been continuing undergraduate education for 47 years and postgraduate education for 43 years; Currently, there are 57 master’s and 16 doctoral students.