Geotechnics Division is one of the 7 departments under the Civil Engineering Department. 5 faculty members and 1 research assistant work full time in the division. At the undergraduate level, Soil Mechanics I, Soil Mechanics II and Foundation Construction courses are currently taught. In addition to these courses, elective courses such as Computer Aided Geotechnical Design, Special Foundations, Introduction to Soil Dynamics and Soil Improvement Methods are offered to students. Our graduate program is 100% English, and courses such as Advances Soil Mechanics I-II, Measurement of Soil Properties, Soil Structure Interaction, Soil Dynamics, Soil Behavior, Waste Geotechnics, Special Topics in Geotechnical Engineering are offered during the two-year education period.

The main study subjects of the faculty members of the Geotechnics Division are soil-structure interaction and foundation design, image processing and three-dimensional photogrometric mapping with unmanned aerial vehicles, waste geotechnics in environmental geotechnology, waste landfill design, impermeable barrier application and examining the effects of void chemistry on soil behavior. countable. In these subjects, faculty members of the Division have published more than 50 international articles and presented national-international papers in recent years.

In the Geotechnics Division, there is a fully equipped Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Modeling Laboratory where many projects are carried out. In addition to undergraduate and graduate studies in the laboratory, some laboratory experiments are also carried out within the scope of revolving funds. Many instruments and devices were brought to the laboratory with the support of TÜBİTAK, DPT and BAP. In addition, projects are carried out with problem-solving-oriented public and private sector companies, and these projects mainly focus on landslide prevention, deep foundation and shoring applications, retaining wall design and soil improvement.